US Air Guitar US Championship 2014

Yes, we all do it. Don’t deny it.  When you’re alone, and your jam comes on, you strap on that air guitar and rock out.  For those that aspire higher, there is US Air Guitar, a very real competition for very non-existent instruments (and sometimes musical talent)!  This year, the NATIONAL finals (yes, you heard me) were held in Kansas City, MO.  While I’ve competed locally, I’ve never made it that far, and frankly, was just happy to get to shoot the photos.  This year’s champion, Matt Burns (aka Airistotle), went on to compete at Air Guitar World Championships, and took home the title!

Antennas Up/The Constellations/Electric Six, The Riot Room 3/31/11

O Brother/Biffy Clyro/The Features/Manchester Orchestra, The Beaumont Club, 3/19/10