About Punkfrog

Hi!  My name is Amber, and as you can guess, photography is a big thing for me.  And if you look at the photos, you might guess I’m into live music, animals, and comic-cons.  (And as I get more photos posted, you’ll find out more things I enjoy!  I’ve been slacking on editing and posting lately.  I’m getting to it, I promise!)

That out of the way, otherwise I work as a graphic designer/product photographer/IT support tech.  When I’m not at my day job, you likely will find me at the local bowling alleys, disc golf courses, maybe at the dog park with my dog Rocco, or out and about with my camera.

So why Punkfrog?  Back when I was studying graphic design at Kansas State University, we were required to come up with a brand for ourselves, and present it to our class.  Most people came up with these classy wine bottle-looking label ideas, but oh no, not me.  I have always loved frogs, and thought a little edgy frog might be cool.  So Punkfrog Productions was born, and it stuck.

Want to see more of my work that isn’t here (yet)?  Check out my Flickr page.